What to avoid when doing upper body abdominal workouts

Why regular abdominal crunches are not very effective? Here is the main reason: when doing this abdominal exercise without using a back support the natural curve of the spine straightens when dropped flat on the floor.

ab-work-out-routines-crunch-upperLet’s see what happens when we do abdominal crunch upper body lift: the vertebrae’ top edges come close to each other and prevent the spine from bending.
Several bad things happen at the moment you start lifting your shoulders: your vertebrae upper edges squeeze the  intervertebral  discs and can damage them; you pull your head up and forward with your hands trying to work out your abs and can hurt your neck; your abdominal muscles work very little because they barely move (contract) since the spine is locked and can’t bend any more.

ab-work-out-routines-crunchR-upperThe remedy to this situation is to use crunchR for your abdominal exercises. CrunchR will support your spine and this will keep the upper edges of vertebrae open allowing much wider range of muscles movement. CrunchR will isolate a narrow area of you abdominal muscles allowing for more effective workout and will keep the rest of your body relaxed. CrunchR will allow you to do your abs work out targeting only those abdominal muscles you need to work on either for your six pack abs or for your flat stomach.

crunchR is also indispensable when doing lower abdominal exercises, obliques or back workout routines.

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