Abdominal Crunch and Bad Habits.

Seeing people doing regular abdominal crunches always keeps me wondering. Their neck is strained, the upper body and shoulders are tense, the range of exercise movement is small, the body balance is hard to keep, but people still keep on trying to do the exercise. The explanation to the regular abdominal crunch ineffectiveness is simple: once the spine drops flat on the floor, the top edges of vertebrae press against each other, lock the spine and turn it into a stiff pole that is impossible for the abdominal muscles to bend. In other words, the abdominal muscles apply the pressure statically, but don’t contract much. Incidentally, at this moment a lot of pressure is applied to interverterbral discs, which is not good and even can be dangerous. 

Many people feel that something is wrong with abdominal crunches, many wonder if they are effective at all and even if they are safe, but still hundreds and hundreds of trainers recommend doing them and thousands and thousands of people still struggle trying to make them work even through pain and with little result.
In our age of fast technological advance it’s hard to imagine that people would still use rotary phones or old tube TVs. Somehow this does not affect abdominal crunches even though there exists an easy and natural way of doing them.

Enters the crunchR! A piece of abdominal equipment developed with human anatomy in mind.

If the nature wanted us to do regular abdominal crunches, it would have made our spine straight! On the contrary, human spine forms a curve. The secret to a great abdominal crunch is simple: spine support with the crunchR! Once the spine curve is maintained during the abdominal crunch exercise, everything falls (or rather stays) in place: the spine keeps it’s flexibility, the exercise gets a wide range of movement, the abdominal muscles have a great range to stretch and contract.

New technology works! And don’t forget, the crunchR is so small and lightweight that you can even put it in your travel bag and take with you on a trip.

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