Lower abdominal exercises with crunchR

One of the best lower abdominal exercises is the legs lift workout routine using crunchR. A great thing about this ab work out is that lower abs are completely isolated from other muscles and the whole focus of this exercise is on the lower abs.

Another advantage of this workout routine is that hip flexor muscles are not involved, which is very difficult to accomplish with other lower abdominal exercises such as the captain’s chair abdominal exercise.

To correctly do this exercise make sure you concentrate on lifting your buttocks with your lower abdominal muscles. Just squeeze the muscles and bring the buttocks up. Don’t help yourself with your legs, just let them hang freely. 

To keep a better balance during this lower abdominal exercise stretch your arms behind your head.

lower ab work out routine with crunchR
Lower abdominal exercises with crunchR allow to adjust the number of reps in your abbs work out routine. By straightening your legs and placing them further from your body you can increase the load on your abs and reduce the number of reps in each set of your workout routine.

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