HR Dashboards

Crunchr lets you design clean-cut dashboards with extensive pre-built HR metrics and visualizations. They allow business leaders, people managers and HR to instantly see if their workforce is still with them.

HR dashboards

your workforce on display

Save valuable time

Building a dashboard takes ages. Save yourself the hassle by letting Crunchr do the work for you.

Start analyzing fast

We have a complete library of pre-built HR metrics and visualizations. Your desired dashboard is ready in a day.

Completely customizable

Select your preferred metrics, visualizations and colors to design your desired dashboard.


Stay in control

You decide who can see what. Your Crunchr dashboards are backed by a secure authorization model.

HR Dashboard

Insights across all HR Domains

From recruitment to talent management. From span of control to business data. Crunchr provides you with best-in-class HR dashboards.


Compare and analyze your data to discover business improvement opportunities.

Endless filter possibilities

Strong filtering capabilities allow users to slice and dice data to reveal hidden trends and get specialized reports.

Share and download reports

Integrated platform

Include business data and metrics

Custom metrics

Data contextualization

How companies put
HR Dashboards to good use

Acquiring an overview

Business leaders expect to know the latest about their organization. Our dashboards show them the bigger picture.

Stay on top of things

Through dashboards, companies are able to pinpoint and track problem areas, driving business improvements based on well-informed discussions.

Obtaining headcount reports

Most of our clients have standard monthly headcount reports.

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Curious how your workforce works?

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